November 08, 2008

Wayfarers, please

I was browsing around Boutwell Photography's Blog today drooling over Chenin's photos and Totally Rad Actions that I want so desperately. I came across this recent post that had shot of place that I have been wanting to research for while. I first saw it in this post almost a year ago. Can you figure out what place I'm talking about? Do you see that amazing little place?

Wayfarer's Chapel

Oh...the glass and the trees! I've always loved outdoor weddings, but the weather can be such a deterrent. But this place looks like you are surrounded by all those beautiful trees. And the view! Heavenly isn't it?

Then a few weeks ago, in the middle of my season 1 OC addiction, I screamed when I saw it on the season finale. And then again on season 2.

I went scouring Flickr (which always has shots of beautiful spots) and found this shot, which is exactly where Seth Cohen was sitting. This shot shows the outside and all those beautiful trees. And this one with the stairs. And this one shows the amazing inside.

Who wants to make a trip to Wayfarer's Chapel with me? Next flight to sunny California? Anyone, Anyone?


Cottage Girl

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