November 23, 2008

random 7

Tag...I'm it.

7 random things about Cottage Girl:

1. I don't listen to music in my car. My CD player broke about a year ago and I'm not a radio person. I've gotten used to using my driving time for praying and thinking. Once in a while I take along my Zune, but usually it's blissfully quiet. Try it sometime!

2. I only watch Fellowship of the Rings (extended version) with the cast commentary ON.

3. The smell of alcohol (especially wine) make me nauseous. Oh, how I hate it!

4. I've been mining for precious gems. Found: amethyst, opal, ruby.

5. I took piano lessons for about 5 years when I was in jr/sr high. Haven't played in years.

6. I choose Spike over Angel every time. Some of you will know what that means...

7. I don't really like hot liquids of any type. I only drink tea once in a while and I always choose iced over hot if the option is available. I don't like soup. At all. No coffee either.

Anyone else want to play?

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