November 21, 2008

Friday Finds

Unhappy People Watch More TV: study. Thought provoking on many different levels.

Emily Chapman posted pictures of her beautiful wedding as well as heartfelt words about her absence from her blog. Prayers continue for the Chapman's.

Elsie had some big news this week. She also posted a link to Synecdoche, New York, which looks fascinating.

Jack Bauer returns on Sunday. Heck yeah! Crazy that the writers strike completely obliterated an entire season.

Twilight opens this weekend. I really just can't believe the hype over this. Did you see the Today show piece with the actors? I think I would be as creeped out by the fans as they seemed. Still on the fence about seeing it. I loved the book so much and continue to think I'm going to be really disappointed seeing it acted out. Movie Edward is nothing like "my" Edward.

Sand, it has never looked more amazing. I've already said this, but Mammoth Men (remember, rated PG-13!) was IT for me this week.

Must see list: Slumdog Millionaire. Been humming Hoppipola all week because of the trailer. Gotta love it when Sigur Ros is stuck in your head!

The new Star Trek trailer dropped this week. One ticket for May 8th please! I love me some Star Trek...

Bought some Thick & Quick this week for a fun new Christmas project. There are lots of pretty colors right now.

I'm headed home this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving a little early. My sis is due on Dec 1st, so the parental unit is driving to see her during the holidays. The bro and I are spending our first Thanksgiving at camp with our campy friends. But that's all next week's news.


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