November 15, 2008

survey says...

These are supposed to be one word answers, but I'm terrible at one word anything. I guess you already know this if you read my blog though...

Where is your mobile phone? on my bedroom floor. i hate talking on the phone.

Where is your significant other? oh, how i wish i had an answer to that question...

Your hair? hasn't seen shampoo in 3 weeks. yes, i'm telling the truth.

Your mother? loves me

Your father? fixing my car tomorrow

Your favorite thing? *things* are becoming less and less important lately.

Your dream last night? Seth Cohen gave me a big hug. What a way to wake up...

Your dream goal? publish a photo

The room you're in? blog central aka my bedroom

Your church? is amazing. i love it. i'm so blessed to learn and worship there.

Your fear? someone i love dying.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? no idea. terrible at life goals. just terrible

Where were you last night? at the midnight madness sale at our horrible Goodwill. i've decided that i will not shop there anymore. the prices are absolutely ludicrous.

Something you're not? barefoot. the cottage floor has turned frigid and will stay this way for the next 5 months

One of your wish-list items? a month volunteering in a Chinese orphanage

Where you grew up? in a ballerina pink bedroom with grey carpet and posters and figurines.

The last thing you did? ate leftover candy corn from Halloween

What are you wearing? a local motion long sleeved t-shirt i got at the local motion store in honolulu. the real world: hawaii cast worked there. i wear the shirt when i'm missing hawaii, which i have been badly.

Your TV? sigh....I heart TV.

Your pets? i've been missing my childhood dog lately. she was THE BEST. I still have a picture of on my wall.

Your computer? was built from pieces and parts....with love by the bro. it's amazing.

Your mood? contemplative

Missing someone? always. college friends at the moment

Your car? my nemesis. big jerk that it is.

Something you're not wearing? gloves. at the moment it's relatively warm in my room. they'll be on soon though.

Favorite shop? library. i love free books

Your summer? my life. my love. my joy. the very word conjures up excitement and anticipation.

Love someone? so many some-ones.

Your favorite color? the colors of the sky at twilight

When is the last time you laughed? i laugh all the time at work. today B pushed me around on the dolly in the basement. that was a laugh. we have lots of fun.

When is the last time you cried? last night while watching Anthony Edwards' return to ER.

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Katie's Story said...

More info on the no shampoo for 3 weeks, please! I'm a tad concerned.

cottage girl said...

I don't use shampoo anymore. Only baking soda to wash and a apple cider vinegar rinse. Cheap and non-chemically!