May 30, 2010

art journal

This art journal class that I'm taking has been so good for me. It's helping me explore my style, try new things, write down who I am at this moment in time, play with the piles of paper I have saved up and explore new ways of expressing myself.

It's kinda embarrassing to share your journal. All those thoughts you usually keep inside. But in some ways it's so free-ing to get it OUT.

Here are a few pages I've finished over the last few weeks....

And now, on to the craziest 10 weeks in my life each year. We start staff training on Wednesday after we host a picnic for 500 people tomorrow. Holiday, you say? Really? Not here. We don't believe in holidays during the months of warm weather.


Gina said...

are we allowed to ask questions about your journal pages? I feel like I am intruding, but you know me, ever curious me.

cottage girl said...

Ask away, G.

Gina said...

first of all, I think this would be so amazingly fun, therapeutic and fulfilling.
My question is, who is Janie?

cottage girl said...

What in the world is "wortwomm?"

And you can read about Janie here:

That's you big secret question?! Janie is on the right sidebar of my blog! I was expecting something dark and scary.

And you should totally do an art journal. The only money I spent on mine was $12.50 to buy the actual notebook. Everything else is old magazines, envelopes and old scrapbooking paper. And maybe a yard sale book or two that only cost me 25 cents. It's such a cheap, fun thing to do.

Gina said...

wortwomm was the security code word below.
today's is "ansupec"