May 17, 2010

i love it when...

I love it when God surprises me with good things. When He answers the little requests of my heart. He's doing that right now through An Orphan's Wish. Those little cuties have captured my heart. I'm honored to be able to help them in the smallest of ways. And I just LOVE sponsoring one, too!

I love it when I open the Word, just hoping and praying that God will speak to ME and He DOES. Almost word for word what I've been pondering over. I get chills and sing a little hallelujah chorus in my mind. And then I journal feverishly, hoping to get down all the words that He is trying to speak to me.

I love it when God is vague. He makes me actively seek His heart. He makes me test the spirits. He wants me to look for HIM and not to just take what my heart, or what other say as the definition of truth.

I love it when prayer is a two way conversation and not just me asking for things.

I love it when my journal has daily entries of my cries out to Him. His words back to me are soothing to my very soul.

I love it when I am faced with the situations that are SO HARD that I can do nothing but fall down and let Him pick me back up and live life.

I love it when I realize that amidst the tough times, I am seeing His heart and growing closer to Him. I make not "like" it very much in an earthly sense, but I do love it.

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