May 29, 2010

highly inspiring at the moment

This piece by Paper Twins. The color combo and the geometric shapes. Yes, more please.
Found on Danielle's blog, one of my faves for years.

Took the plastic wrap off the new Band of Horses album this morning and have listened to it about 5 times since then. It's fantastic, wonderful, so good. Which reminds me, I need to buy their other ones and stop listening to all their songs online. I think this will be my "summer CD" like Beck's Modern Guilt was last summer.

What's inspiring you at the moment?


stephanie said...

Loved your last few posts! Thanks for some great ideas on the summer reading list! And yes, I agree, Evie is ADORABLE! I have been enjoying a Mary Higgins Clark book recently. I used to hate non-fiction...but i've been desperately wanting something "light' and "easy" to read so I picked it up at the library and I've been pleasantly surprised...I think i will read more of her this summer along with books on nutrition and eating healthy- a new passion of mine :) and so glad to hear about the last suzanne collins coming out in August...I'll get my name on the reserve list (library) ASAP!

As far as my inspiration lately...I was at Lowes yesterday and they just so happened to mark down all their one gallon berry plants from 10.98 to 1.75!!!!!!!! WHAT A DISCOUNT!

They weren't all wilted either. So i snatched up as many, blackberry, blueberry, red raspberry, black raspberry and strawberry plants that my budget would allow and now i must get them all planted! I've been working on the blackberries today but it's 90 degrees so i'm taking a break till this evening. Jack asked me if it was any fun...I said well...hard work isn't exactly "fun" but I am pretty excited thinking about how these plants will grow and in a few years we will have tons of berries to eat!

Also, another inspiring thing is friday night craft sessions with my oldest son. He is so creative and imaginative in his creations...he loves to build robots out of everything! we've recently started a tradition on friday nights we stay up late and craft together- he makes robots and i knit and we just talk about life or we stay quiet and enjoy being near each other. it's sooo nice :)

cottage girl said...

Growing things is always inspiring to me, too. I spent all of yesterday buying all my flowers and planting them. SO much fun! Lots of work that doesn't feel like work.

And I LOVE the you and J create together. He's destined to do great things with that creative spirit of his!
I miss youuuuuu.....