May 06, 2010


This is precious Harmony.
The old girl was built, oh, I don't know, in the 50's maybe?
She needs some work done.
A face-lift, if you will.
She still has her ready arms open for all those 11-15 year old boys that will be living inside her walls this summer.
She's ready to take the rough and tumble, the late nights, the flashlight lit rooms, the heat of the summer's day.

But first, she needs a new roof.
And that means, that we were up at 6:30am to do some shingle removal.
That's me up there on the yellow scaffolding with boy shorts on and cuts all down my legs from the sand paper shingles sliding off the roof.
I'm so tired right now, it's not even funny...

Sweet Harmony is going to look so good come Saturday.
Oh, I really can't wait to see her all pretty again!


RaCeQu said...

One time I -with the assistance of someone else of course- snuck into Harmony during morning activity and messed up the boys cabins so they would quit going on and on (and ON!) about winning cabin clean up. And we were successful.

Oh and that yellow scaffolding? I have watched many stars falling from that scaffolding.

I miss it ALL... but am so thankful for good memories=)

cottage girl said...

RQ, that comment made me so happy. And even more (is it possible?!) excited for camp to start in a month!

RaCeQu said...

One can NEVER be TOO excited for camp.

I am currently trying to figure out how I can have an 8:30-5:00 job in Macon and then be at camp by 7:00 each night... that's do-able, right?!