May 23, 2010

yummy smoothie

The past few mornings (almost a week now) I dove into the world of green smoothies. Gotta admit that I'm really mad I didn't do this earlier. I've wanted to. Oh, how I've wanted to. I LOVE a good smoothie. I mean I throw a smoothie PARTY every year for goodness sake.

I read about the green smoothie challenge on Happy Foody a while ago. It looked so inviting, but it just didn't seem like the right time then. I threw caution to the wind the other day, not really thinking about it other than "hey, I want a smoothie for breakfast this morning." That turned into morning after morning of "I want another one."

Favorite ingredients at the moment...

Frozen peaches
Frozen pineapple
Fresh spinach (a cup or so)
Chia seeds (about 2 tablespoons)
a teeny-tiny bit of Agave nectar

It's been having some amazing benefits. I'll share more when the experiment has had more time to work. But as of today, I'm a total believer of the importance of fruits and veggies in the morning. And Chia seeds are my new best friend.

Have you done the smoothie breakfast thing? What are your favorite recipes or websites to find recipes? Did you notice a difference in your health or energy? I'd love to hear about it!

complete side track.....did anyone else see the Grey's Anatomy season finale? (It's still on Hulu, at the moment) Oh. my. gosh. I haven't seen a TV episode of anything that intense in a long, long time. I was literally shaking/screaming into my pillow so I wouldn't wake up my roommate/crying/yelling/freaking out. It was delightful!


tp said...

I want to try this!
and hey- bought chia seeds. put 'em in my granola recipe. boom. thanks CG.

cottage girl said...

T, you have to try Chia in smoothies. They're amazing. And you should do the smoothie thing for breakfast with Shay and I this summer.