May 24, 2010


We aren't perfect.
We are crazy, silly.
We annoy each other.
We fight.
We hug.
We laugh.
We travel together.
We quote movie lines.
We laugh.
We have memories.
We love.

This little family.
I'm so blessed to call them mine.

****ok, who watched Lost last night? Let's hear it. For the record, I loved it. But maybe it needs a post all it's own. Oh, and there's a great discussion I read a lot of today on Pop Candy. Gotta do something while doing all that filing and copying and binding or I'll go crazy.


Nick and Kaley said...

what a sweet picture :)

Gina said...

P.S. I love Timmy's hair.

cottage girl said...

thanks, girls. I love that picture too. Timmy's hair....not so much. Although he looks just like my dad did at that age with his hair that long. But Timmy doesn't wear bell-bottom hip-hugger jeans.