May 02, 2010

this photos says

I found this on my camera when I was downloading photos tonight. A few notes...

1. I'm in love with this new nail polish color, gumdrop. I rarely, if ever, wear nail polish on my fingers anymore because it chips so easily. This stuff lasts for a solid week. A camp week, no less.

2. Green onions. I'm addicted. No salad is complete without them.

3. That red zip-up hoodie is so old, but still my favorite one to pull out of the closet when I'm slightly chilly. It was a $5 clearance surprise at some random mall store years ago. It's the perfect shade of red for my skin tone.

4. The Cottage kitchen gets the best light in the evening.

5. That thin silver band on my right hand is probably my favorite piece of jewelry that I own. It has a small chip of gold panned out of a river on the other side. My parent bought it for me on one of their trips to Alaska. It never leaves my finger (and hasn't for years) unless I'm swimming. I love how simple it is.

6. The ring on my other hand is another piece my parents brought back from another trip somewhere in the Caribbean. It's made from Hematite. I've had several rings made out of this. They break easily. The first one I got while on a missions trip to Jamaica in 1998. My mom will bring me back one every once in a while and I'll wear them till they shatter. I just love how shiny and dark they are.

7. I've been eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies lately. I just feel better when I do. It's expensive, but worth it.

8. Good knives make all the difference. My roommate bought these a few months ago and they are fantastic.

9. I need to take more timer photos where I just sit my camera on something and capture me going about my day. I love the "everyday-ness" about them.

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