May 09, 2010

Love you, Momma

(taken just after our dolphin swim adventure)

My mom is off on yet another sea adventure with my dad and The Bro today. She loves traveling with her kids. She loves just BE-ing with her kids.

So many people ask me where I get my creative side. Why do I knit and crochet and sew and make stuff all the time? It's hereditary. My mom is one of the most creative, crafty people I know. We were doing little crafts with her as kids long before it became the "cool" "new" thing to do. She taught me to sew and crochet when I was young. She sewed lots of my/our clothes when we were younger. She's a quilter, too. And so much more creative than me.

Love you, Momma! Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for handing down your creative goodness to your kids. And thanks for your great example of loving Jesus. It taught me how important my relationship with Him is. Hope you have fun on your trip! I'll be sure to give Winnie lots of love for you.


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