May 31, 2010

mind cheater. saw you


I have watched this clip about 10 times in the last 24 hours. Please, watch and laugh and wish you had licorice (liquice? that's for you, J) hair, too.

Chuck has been my "TV to craft to" as of late. I adore it. It's just so sweet and funny and the story line is cool (and gets better every season). Not to mention the adorable main character, whom I have already gushed about time and time again. I've gotten so many of my friends and family hooked on it as well. (Thanks, brother for introducing me on our vaca years ago). After the super good season finale this year, I had to go back and re-live the season 1 fun again.

What do you have playing in the background lately? I'm always on the hunt for new TV and music to fall in love with.


Rob said...

Are you watching 'V'?

Big shocker that Kirsten likes watching a show about aliens.

cottage girl said...

Ooo, thanks, Rob! I watched the first episode and then didn't see the rest. I did, however, watch the original one back in the 80's. I still remember people ripping off their faces to reveal the lizards underneath. Awesome! I'll put V on my list.
Ask Kirsten if she saw the movie Moon. It's a great sci fi flick!

Gina said...

watched it.
laughed...more than once.
don't wish I had licorice hair to chew on.
is broken phone girl Cindy Crawford's daughter? Looks like she could be.
Have a great day April.

cottage girl said...

No, that's Rachel Bilson. She was on The OC, which was the first show that the creator of Chuck created. Love her.