May 13, 2010

Hello from headquarters

This is pretty much how my room has looked for the last two weeks. A few things to notice...

1. Random clothes thrown across the foot of my bed. I change at least twice a day cause I get so yucky/dirty or the weather changes 20 degrees (79 yesterday 60 today. what?!)

2. Sigg bottle tied to my keys. This indicated busy-ness and no pockets. Don't want to loose either so I tie them together and drag them all over creation.

3. Bed is made. This must be done every morning, or I go insane. Really.

4. Art journal in progress. My desk has looked like this since my art journal class began 3 weeks ago. I do a little here and there when I have a spare minute.

5. Please note the adorable "Cottage Girl" sign my friend B made me for my birthday day. It goes perfectly in my room.

6. Bible, journal, camera bag on bed. The things I use the most during the day pretty much end here before going to their proper place at the end of the night.

7. Rabbit ears on computer monitor. I don't have satellite in my room. And after my old converter box fried, the new one I got doesn't seem to have as strong of a signal. Hence, its precarious position.

8. I still love my yellow walls 2 years later. Great choice.

9. The late evening sunshine. Oh happy day, the long summer days are here! If only the heat would come too.....

love from CG headquarters

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