May 01, 2008

Flickr, how I love you

There is something magical about Flickr. It's so full of inspiration and life and ideas. Just people with cameras who take pictures, but so much more. It's like glimpses into their lives. It's the way they see the world.
If you take pictures, you need a Flickr account. It's lets you share your fun with others! It makes you think of fun new ways to see your own life. It helps make your pictures better, too. Not to mention it's FREE. I just love it and never tire of jumping in and swimming around in it. Don' t the colors and textures just give you shivers?! Maybe it's just me, but I can't get enough of it. I'm daily inspired by its magic.

Links to these specific photos and their creators can be found HERE. They are some of my current favorites.

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