March 10, 2010


It seems to be highly debated across the blog world/entertainment news/friends as to whether this movie is "good" or "eh." I will say this...don't expect the Disney version. This is NOT the Disney version.

It's delightfully dark/gothic/Tim Burton. And I loved it. Alice's dresses....I die. I would wear them in a heartbeat, especially the red tulle one.

Wonderland was crazy, amazing, intriguing. The story was so-so, but the characters were fantastic. So perfectly cast. Even down to the caterpillar voice of Alan Rickman. And of course it's no surprise I loved Johnny Depp. I love him in about anything he does.

I thought it was positively delightful. I saw it in 3D, although it would have been just as wonderful on a regular screen. Except for the end credits. They were really pretty and life-like in 3D.

Anyone else see it? Thoughts?


Katie's Story said...

I haven't seen it, but check out this yarn that is Alice in Wonderland inspired GORGEOUS!

december.rose said...

although it's not the original don't expect anything to overtly tim burton, because this is a kids movie. with all of those things in mind, i loved it. Helena Bonham Carter stole the movie.

Kookie said...

Alyce and I saw it and we both LOVED it. I thought Alice's voice was so wonderful to listen to!

Gina said...

Two unrelated words FLYza Minelli!!!!!!!!!!
And I must say I have a closed mind when it comes to gothic, Tim Burton/Johnny Depp endeavors. Won't be seeing it.
It never ceases to amaze me how much you love creepy gothic creativity.

cottage girl said...

Sis: I love those yarns! How horrible that I want them just cause of their cool names. Mal yarn...yes, please!

December rose: Helena was spectacular. She did steal every scene she was in.

K: So glad you both liked it too!

G: what? And...not even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?!

Gina said...

Did you watch Modern Family last night??????
And yeah...not so much.

cottage girl said...

I'm still so behind on my TV shows from being gone last week. It's waiting for me on the DVR.

Really?!! Not even Charlie? Please tell me you'll let the kids watch it at least. It's so much LESS creepy than the old 70's version.

Filia Dei said...

You think Alice is appropriate for kids? Say 10 and 12 who can handle all the Harry Potters and all the LOTR movies?

cottage girl said...

In my opinion...if they love HP and LOTR than Alice would be just fine. I think HP is much scarier. Those death eaters are spooky!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was ok. Nothing amazing, but definitely worth a watch. The 3D felt like it was just tacked on to me though. It wasn't actually shot in 3D like avatar was. I sure did enjoy the Legend of the Guardians 3D trailer though. I am interested to see if Zack Snyder can pull off a kids movie.

cottage girl said...

Hey, brother...I agree with the 3D comment. Shay and I both said that we aren't sold on the whole 3D phenomenon that is going on right now. I hate that the picture isn't as crisp and sharp. It always seems semi-out-of-focus.
It wasn't amazing like Sweeney Todd or Charlie, but I still loved it for what it was. Kinda like The Lovely Bones.

Gina said...

I LOVED WW&tCF when I was a kid and I TOTALLY missed the creepiness of it until I watched it as an adult. My kids have seen all the mentioned movies except HP (and we won't open that can ;)). I think, because I loved Willy Wonka so much, the new version was just unwelcome in my world. Even though the JD version may be closer to the book? Is that correct? Never read it.
And as far as Alice, I'm not a fan of taking tales that are pretty innocent through the eyes of a child and making them FREAKIN FREAK shows.
I have more opinions about JD, but they're nothing worth mentioning. He's just not my fave.

cottage girl said...

G: it's a re-telling of Alice. She's 19 years old. Not at all like the books or the old cartoon movie, which I always thought was kinda creepy (but delightful too) anyway.
As for JD...I've adored him since high school/Edward Scissorhands years. It think he's amazing. Probably my very favorite. But we rarely agree on movies or actors, do we? John Cusak, for example. Avoid him like the plague.

Gina said...

LOL. I love how differently we see things, yet how much I love and appreciate you. Although, now that i think of it, there are many things we adore together such as C-Dub, MF, and now BBT.
Love ya Apes.