March 13, 2010

Key West

We enjoyed Key West. The sun was out and it was semi-warm. And that water....

It's almost un-believable. So blue and yet so different blue and yet another blue.

Mix that with the sky in all it's shades of blue. Plus some palm trees. Palm tree silhouettes make me ridiculously happy. Like giddy happy. I'd put some in at camp if they could survive 2ft of snow in the winter.

It's pretty beautiful to stare at for an hour or two. Just soaking in all those blues. They are soothing and calming. They seem to melt away stress and worry.

Even the birds seem content to stare out into the blue-ness for hours.

But, of course, there is one big horrid monument for people to take pictures next to just to prove that they were there. I can't make fun though. I totally did that on my first trip here.

But I'd rather have that blue in the background any day....


Gina said...

Do you remember, or did you ever see, those palm trees in Bowie? Right across from Benjamin Tasker Middle School on 197. They have just recently been removed, but they were there for the few years I lived in Bowie and they seemed to do just fine. WEIRD. When my family first came to visit they were amazed and confused. Ask George if you can plant some.

cottage girl said...

What?! I did not know this! I would have gone and had picnic lunches there.