March 07, 2010 were right. I love it!

Help. I've fallen in love with another TV show. This one has been in the "long wait" section of my Netflix queue for a few months now. It finally arrived while I gone last week. I popped it in last night and couldn't stop watching it. Good thing I only get one disc at a time or I would still be glued to the TV.

It's quirky, adorable, funny, and nerdy. All my favorites things in one little TV show. Plus they have adorable outfits. I love Leonard's hoodies under his jackets and Sheldon's random shirt layering mixed with plaid pants.

So, if you are in need of a little nerd comedy in your TV viewing, try The Big Bang Theory. Just beware of the theme song. It may be the most annoying song in the entire world!


Caleb's Mom said...

LOVE that show!!! I laugh out loud every week. Caleb's favorite saying is "bazinga!"

Gina said...

Love, love, love.
Laugh out loud is exactly right Julie. I don't do that very often when watching TV. But with this one and Modern Family it is guaranteed EVERY episode.
I love their outfits too. I love the Jewish Kid's tight pants. with the tucked in shirts.
Knock knock knock Penny. Knock Knock Penny.

cottage girl said...

Julie and Gina...I'm so far behind! I'm only on season 1 and trying my hardest not to find out what happens as I catch up. It's just so adorable!