March 07, 2010


Whenever I finish taking a group of photos, I love to upload (download?) them onto my computer and instantly look through them all quickly. Like a flash fast slideshow. Almost always, one particular shot will stand out. Always for different reasons. Usually it's "I can't believe I finally shot that the way I was seeing it in real life."

This is the one that popped out as I sped through my rather meager pile of photos from my trip. No particular reason other than I just like the way it's framed. It was taken at the southern most point in the US on Key West. There is a concrete pier that really isn't that lovely to look at at all. But that really doesn't matter anyway because the water is so perfectly, amazingly blue that you don't even notice the pier.

More photos to come....


Kaley said...

I want to frame that and look at it forever.

cottage girl said...

Thanks Kaley! You're more than welcome to print it out if you wish.