March 14, 2010

TV time

If you have been reading my blog for a good length of time, you know my love, deep abiding love of sci fi. I love it. Loooovvvveee it. Space ships, aliens, futuristic. I love it.

Just few years ago, my TV sci fi love was Battlestar Galactica. I miss it. But the creator decided to say goodbye. That's fine. They completed the story.

Fun fact....they decided to do a prequel.
It started this winter. A whole new world of stories about 50 years before BSG.

It started a little slow, but has since captured me. And it has some of the most beautiful sets. This one is on the pilot. Wouldn't you LOVE to live in a house like windows like that?! I sure would.

Caprica is filmed in Vancouver (same place as BSG). Again, such beauty. It's now filmed on sets that look exactly like this. I love the modern feel to the Graystone's house. The clean lines.

The other family, the Adama's, dress in a lot of dark colors. Blacks and blues and deep reds.

And then there are the Cylons.

They seriously look real. The special effects are fantastic.

Kids in Caprica escape to V-world (virtual reality). They wear these weird V-bands.

One of the best's scored by my favorite composer, who also did BSG. Here's a taste...

Alright, I'm done being a geek. For the moment, at least.


Rob said...

you and kirsten should really hang out more. you are way into the same things.

She finds Caprica captivating. I find it nap worthy.

cottage girl said...

Rob, you married a woman of impeccable taste! Tell her we should have a Battlestar marathon sometime.

tyler said...

omg, i love the exact same things too! this is awesome, so much so i hope to one day create a E.E.G controlled H.M.D for a virtual reality game like second life, anyway i was just wondering what your absolute favorite sci-fi movie or anime ?