March 11, 2010

won't you please

Your help, if you will.

I need some new music. I'm not a big music person, so I go for LONG periods of time with nothing new. I'm talking months/a year. I just don't go searching for it.
Lately, I've been listening to nothing but this sermon series (which I just finished and LOVED. you should download it right now), This American Life and Harry Potter on CD.

Yesterday, I sent The Bro a text begging for new music. He usually has 1 or 2 or 15 bands I've never heard that he thinks I'll like. I've spent the day going through the list he texted. (I love myspace music!) I never know what to try, so I always need help.

So, won't you please tell me what are you loving lately?

New music for everyone!

I so enjoyed hearing what every had to say about Alice! I tried to answer everyone that wrote something. It's crazy how different people are, isn't it! Love it!


Rob said...

We have been enjoying:

The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You

The Temper Trap - Conditions

Broken Bells - Broken Bells

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Kirsten likes them more than I do, but they've got some good songs)

Thad Cockrell - To Be Loved

tp said...

So, you should check out you can download some music for free to get a feel for what new music you might like! I discovered I kind of love Katie Herzig, & Crystal Thomas to name a few.
you might even find an old friend on there...

And also "the river" by Audra Mae

But, this music is featured in all of my favorite chick flicks, so you may not love it.
Just kidding.

Kookie said...

Corinne Bailey Rae. I love love love her. Also if you like some lyrics that make you think, check out Jason Mraz.

cottage girl said...

Thanks everyone! Keep them coming.

Rob: you and Zach Braff must have similar taste in music. He just recommended Broken Bells yesterday.

Rob said...

I like to think of Zach Braff and myself as the cultural trendsetters for our generation.