March 22, 2010

trip down memory lane

This past weekend, I was watching one of my 15 DVR'd (is that a word ?) shows.

side note on DVR's: I resisted for years. Mostly because I think it was (and still is) ridiculous that I get charged a monthly fee to record television. Also, because I feared I would watch more TV than I already do. Now that I have this magical machine, I love it just like I feared I would and don't mind paying that extra few dollars a month to use it.
That...on top of the fact that I no longer have to remember to set my VCR timer. I don't have have be home on Wednesday nights for Glee or have any type of TV viewing schedule. I fit it in when I can and let the episodes pile up when I more important things to do (read: live my life). I'm hopelessly addicted to television, as stated before several times here.

Back to the topic at hand. I was watching a show on my DVR and realized that the hotel used in this particular epidsode looked very familiar. Like, REALLY familiar. I realized that was because I had actually stayed in this hotel when on my one trip to Los Angeles in 2006. That brought back all sorts of wonderful memories of one of the best trips I have ever taken in my life. I went searching through my photos to sort through all those fond memories.

I got to see so many fun movie/TV filming locations.

I got to sail under and drive over the Golden Gate bridge.

And Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver.

I fell in love with Vancouver.

And introduced my family to one of my favorite spots on the planet: Cannon Beach, OR.

I hung off a cable car on the way to Lumbard Street.

I found where Veronica Mars lives (or the studio where they filmed it at least) .

And found a pretty beach in San Diego.

Hollywood's magic captured me.

And saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

And I did it all (except for a few extra days in Vancouver and LA) on a cruise.

My mom and I still say that it was one of our favorite trips ever. It's a shame that this cruise itinerary isn't offered any more. It is magical!


Nick and Kaley said...

Were you at Mission Beach??

Cool photos, if you ever miss it I have a double bed sized futon waiting for you!!

cottage girl said...

I'm not sure what the beach was called. We found it cause it was used on Veronica Mars a bunch of times. I know you can take dogs there.
I'm SO ready to come and visit! But first, you need to come to this side of the country so we can go to Harry Potter world!