March 03, 2010

move in here

I want to immediately move in to this room. I think it must be in an old, seaside house in the Northeast like Maine or New Hampshire. I bet the house has a widow's walk and secret passageways and a large front porch.

There is just so much to love. The simplicity of paint color. The neutral tones in the quilt. The bed alcove! The stove right next to the window for watching a winter snow storm. The lanterns hanging on the walls! LOVE! The mirrors. All the different wood textures on the walls.

Yes, I would like to move in here, please.


Allison Drew said...

Me too!!

Nick and Kaley said...

I think the rocking chair is creepy and foreboding... but other than that, I would move in there too!

cottage girl said...

So glad you girls like it too! Kaley, foreboding perfectly describes that chair, but I love it anyway!