March 02, 2010


If you had to pick your favorite super heroes, who would they be? I have this discussion with The Bro every once in a while. Mostly because we greatly disagree on a major one. He chooses Batman. I choose...

every time. Batman is too moody and dark. Superman is kind and all powerful. He can fly and bullets bounce off him. Plus, he's handsome and kinda bumbly/awkward around Lois Lane which makes him even more endearing.

My other favorites are....

Jack Bauer, of course. You don't mess with him. He always saves the day. Part of his super powers hide in his awesome jeans and man bag. He's never without them.

And Buffy. She's sassy. She heals super fast. She's stronger than any vampire around.

Who are your faves?


Kookie said...

I have to agree with your brother... (sorry) But it's got to be Batman because 1-) he is actually from this planet 2-) He isn't rendered completely useless around a glowing mineral and 3-) He doesn't wear red speedo's over blue tights... But Superman is cool in his own way. :0)

Kaley said...

I would be Hermione Granger.

Totally unrelated- but you have to put Cirque Du Freak on your video queue. I watched it last night and really liked it!

cottage girl said...

Kristi, I think I love the most that he IS from another planet and indestructible. Except for that whole green rock thing. That's tricky.

Kaley, Hermione is a good one. I'll check out that movie, for sure!

Diana said...

Are you watching 24 this season? How about when Jack put on his man bag when he said he would commit to helping CTU! Woo HOO Jack! I would love to read the script for that part: Jack: takes the leather strap from his man bag in his left hand and confidentally lays it across his chest diagonally. He stares into the camera.