March 29, 2010

Random things that don't go with this photo (which is from Top of the Rock, btw.)

1. I LOVE the movie Iron Man. Love it, like I can watch it again immediately after the credits roll at the end, love it. Why? Don't know. I went through a Twister phase just like this several years ago. And then a Garden State phase. I think I'm OCD sometimes. Seriously.
And speaking of Iron Man, please let the second one be like Temple of Doom was for Indiana Jones....awesome. I hate lousy sequels.

2. I traded out my hearts for a new fun seasonal thing yesterday. Photos to come as soon as this horrid rain/clouds clear up.

3. My friends are such an incredible blessing in my life. I was reminded of this last night at an impromptu gathering. We can all sit and chat and just enjoy each other's company. It isn't forced.

4. I've been watching Scrubs and Gilmore Girls again. They never get old.

5. 33 is creeping closer and closer and I'm caring less and less.

6. My car has a broken part that manufactures aren't even making yet because the car is so new. Of course this would happen to me. And of course, my warranty doesn't cover it.

7. I desperately need a hair cut, but hate spending the money.

8. My sister offered to mail my niece and nephew to me today. If only this could be true.

9. I find this photo by Chrissie White completely inspiring. This one, too.

10. Do you have one of those songs that you just always hum/sing to yourself? One that you've had for years and years? This one is mine...

11. Monday night TV = awesome.

12. Thank you for all you kind comments. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say. It means the world to me that you read my little blog.


Cottage Girl


Kookie said...

You, yourself are inspiring my dear friend... I wish that I could have come over and spent time with you all.... Maybe this summer. Promise me at least once this summer... :0) And your blog is one of my absolute favorites. Truly.

cottage girl said...

More than once this summer, I hope! We'll both be aquatics girls, so our paths have to cross a few times, right? Thanks for the kind words!