March 11, 2010

Her Majesty

Cruise ships are really big. They are really pretty too. Lots of wood side rails. (and Miami's pretty port on the right)

They are so big that it's hard to fit them into one frame. They seem to go up and up and up. And in the back of this one there was a nice 360 degree lounge that had beautiful windows for viewing. One day we (Mom and I) sat there for a while watching people climbing on the climbing wall right outside of it. And play dodge ball. A couple balls even went accidentally straight into the drink. We waved goodbye them as we sailed away.

When these monsters leave their port, it's quite an event for all on board. Everyone is outside snapping photos and enjoying the view. Even if it is a little chilly and super windy.

The informal dining room, full of yummy delightful treats, was surrounded by windows as well. I got kinda sea sick here at one point on the trip. It was a really WAVY day. People were trying their best to walk with trays of food and not fall on their face. I was trying my best not to throw up my lunch when we hit those stomach dropping waves.

And of course, they all have pools and hot tubs. Unfortunately, this one didn't see much use past this day because it was so chilly. It was pretty though.

There are so many places to just enjoy the fresh air. Meet new friends. Eat ice cream cones (always available poolside). Wear your sunglasses and read a book in a lounge chair.

Yes, they are big. Especially when your mom insists that you take the stairs from your room on deck 2 to eat on deck 11. Every day. 3 times a day. But hey, eating that much requires that many steps too, so thanks Mom. My waistline thanks you, too.

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