March 21, 2010

Since the weather has warmed up quite a bit, I can't stop dreaming about camping. The spring smell in the air brings to mind things like campfires, meals cooked over the grill, sleeping bags, the smell of my family's old camper, the soothing sound of rain on the roof and other such wonders.

My summers as a kid (and teenager) always involved several camping trips. Those were our vacations. And as much as I love traveling the world and staying in nice hotels and cruise boats, there is nothing that compares to camping.

Maybe it's cause I'm a "home-body" and I like sleeping in "my own bed." Or maybe it's just the general nature of people who camp. They usually seem more open and kind than hotel dwellers.

Whatever it is, I haven't outgrown my love of it. Now, I will say that I've always camped in a camper/travel trailer. Tent camping is much tougher and rugged for me. But either way, there is something magical about it. And this warm air and bright sunshine is making me crave it somethin' fierce!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the pics! I'm ready to pack up the cooler, sleeping bags and dog basket to hit the open road...