March 09, 2010

Miami: day 1 and 2

After a LONG day in the air. Finally my headache was about gone. The Dramamine was wearing off. I was on a beach, albeit a chilly one. It was wonderful!

The next day, our cruise boat left Miami and I sat on the deck and snapped some photos. While it wasn't as amazing as sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge or the Lions Gate Bridge (Vancouver), it was quite beautiful in it's own way.

That picture perfect sky didn't hurt either. I could stare at clouds all day....

We sailed past many beautiful homes, condos and hotels. And the palm trees. I adore palm trees. Their silhouettes are divine.

Bye, Miami! See you in a few days!


Kookie said...

Beautiful pictures! And I LOVE your shoes!! Oh and by the way, I am watching Bright Star as I type... :0)

Gina said...

I was pleasantly surprised by Miami. My first time was at port in September and I loved it's tropical atmosphere. Of course this was all from the perspective from the boat.
Would love to go back and spend a few days there one day.

cottage girl said...

K: did you love Bright Star?!

G: me too. Very shocked at how amazing the architecture was. And the beach was beautiful too.