March 20, 2010

I got to swim with the dolphins

For Christmas this year, my parents got me a "swim with the dolphins" adventure. My mom and I did our program through Dolphin Encounters in Nassau. And I must admit that it was one of the coolest things I've ever done. And NO I wasn't scared for one second. I wish it could have lasted all day!

The day was a little colder than we were hoping, but we got to wear wetsuits which were a life saver. I think I would have been purple and frozen if we didn't have them. I needed one of those when I took lifeguard training last year!

We got to do all kinds of cool things and touch and play with the dolphins. I've loved dolphins since I was a kid. I've gone to the touch pool at Sea World several times reaching out my hand as far as I could to feel their soft skin. And yes, they are soft and smooth. Kinda like a wet inner tube, but smoother.

At the end, we got to do the foot push. Dear goodness, I could have done that 10 times. It was like flying across the water. I felt like The Little Mermaid. You lay on your stomach in the water with your legs out straight behind you and your arms out to the sides. Two dolphins come behind you and they one puts their beak on one of your feet. Then they swim super fast and you fly halfway out of the water. It was incredible. (see a video here)

Such a cool experience. Thanks, Momma! I LOVED it!


stephanie said...

these pictures are great! so cute! and the foot push sounds pretty exciting- and kinda scary! i saw dolphins swimming around in the ocean when we went fishing in ft. lauderdale and matt saw a giant manatee. glad you got to do it!

Anonymous said...

It WAS amazing! Glad we got to share it together. -Mom