March 28, 2010

Evil Ben or Good Ben?

There is a guy at my church who is the long lost twin of Ben Linus. The first time I saw him I swear I did a double take. I had to stare for a long minute and hope he didn't see me. They are that similar.

Today, I sat next to Ben Linus and his wife. It was rather strange to see him singing,

"amazing love,

how can it be,

that You my King would die for me."


"Savior, He can move the mountains

My God is mighty to save,

He is mighty to save."


"Oooh, praise Him,
He is holy."

Then, we took communion and I wanted to scream,

Benjamin Lius, you have blood on your hands!

Think about Jack and Sawyer and your daughter!

Look at all you've done!"

But I didn't. I calmly blinked a few times and reminded myself to step out of TV world and focus on the service. The service, this morning, that happened to be about propitiation. God's great mercy and love on us, the evil ones that don't deserve all the forgiveness and righteousness He has bestowed upon us. Then I thought that Jesus loves even Benjamin Linus (if he were a real person, of course). Needless to say, my brain was going a little crazy in church this morning.

In other news...

I've completed a fun, new project that I will share soon.

I get to see The Bro this week!!

The stop motion animation in Fantastic Mr. Fox is astounding. The story is just "so-so" though.

I'm in love with this painting. Two things I love. Silhouettes and tall ships.

You have to see this photo of my niece. She IS my sister's child.


tp said...

I seriously just laughed that much, just now.
I am seriously going to miss you in my life this week.

Kookie said...

Oh April... You are hilarious. :0) Thank you for posting such and uproarious entry...

Gina said...

what is stop motion?

cottage girl said...

G: Here's a definition.
It's really amazing. I would never have the patience
Here's another example that I love:

Gina said...

ahhhh. that is cool. So, "speaking" of kindle. are you interested in getting one? I think I love holding books and everything that goes along with that experience too much to go down the kindle road.

cottage girl said...

That's so funny you asked because I just entered the Pioneer Woman's Kindle give-away. She's giving away 3 on her blog today.
I don't think I would ever buy one, but I wouldn't say no if someone gave me one. I agree with you. I love the feel, smell and experience of a book. There's nothing that will ever change that. Plus, I like the way they look on shelves and in libraries. But then again, I have SO MANY books that they do require a lot of space. Hmmmm...conundrum.