March 06, 2010

blue planet

Can we please discuss the beauty of water? Water in the Atlantic ocean from 35,000 ft above. It's stunning. I wish that I had dug out my SLR from the depths of my carry-on to snap this, but my point and shoot did okay.
The tones and shades of aqua. The fact that I could see the waves in the sand from that high! It was incredible. And the sudden change in color from deep, dark blue to crystal clear aqua. My nose was pressed to the glass for a good 20 minutes.

This, however, was not the case on the way TO Miami. Oh, dear. Let's just say that migraines+motion sickness=disaster. It wasn't pretty. I got real familiar with those little white bags in the back pocket of the seat in front of me. My poor mom. She was there for the whole show. But hey, who better to take care of you when you feel like your brain has been put through a meat grinder!

Anyway, I'm back on solid ground. Non-moving solid, dirt beneath my feet ground. Although yesterday it did still feel like I was on a boat for most of the day. Our little cruise turned out a little different than we expected. The weather was quite chilly. And the winds turned us away from our tropical island.

But I did swim with the dolphins. I did sit on a beach in the sunshine (albeit in jeans and a tee shirt). I did relax and read and eat way too much yummy food. I did see the southernmost point in the US. I did press my face up to the glass at the incredible aquariums at Atlantis. I was on vacation and it was wonderful.

More photos to come....

ps....I missed you all!

ppssss.....I answered your comments that you left while I was away. Thanks so much for writing! It makes my day!!!


december.rose said...

i love these photos. one of my favorite parts of flying is looking out the window.

my favorite was seeing ice floating in the ocean over alaska on my way to Asia.

tp said...

wow. wow wow wow. I thought these shots were from Disney's Earth or something, I couldn't believe you snapped them from the plane!