March 30, 2010

(I almost blew off the Top of the Rock. It was crazy windy!)

This is my happy face.


My dearest little brother flies in tonight.
LATE tonight.
He'll be here for just a few days before we head back to NYC with my parents to drop him off.
He'll be living there for a month.
Same time zone.
I have a horrible addiction to him.
I hate it when he's far away.
In a dream world, he would live in a house on my right and my sister with her crew would live in a house on the left. And we'd have dinner together at least once a week.
It's fun to live in dream world.


Nick and Kaley said...

I agree. In my dream world I would be back in Edgewater! :)

Nick and Kaley said...
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Allison Drew said...

Aww, this is a sweet post. I feel the same way about my sister.