May 13, 2008

Ah, Mrs. Featherbottom.

If you have never seen Arrested Development, your next click should be HERE. It is the funniest show ever.

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stephanie said...

this has nothing to do with arrested development because i don't watch but i wasn't sure if you'd notice comments from several days ago. i LOVE those old pics of us you posted. they are torturing me....i want to spend june-august up there SO BAD!!!!!! someday i will. anyway we had fun that week didn't we? i would LOVE to do it all again. we must do that- after the beach thing- we must do alaska again. anyway...i don't have a suggestion blog-wise or a ? but i do have a comment. THANK YOU for being real...imperfections and all. i HATE reading blogs that sound like carefully scripted versions of the "perfect life". it's like some person's attempt to make themselves look and seem like the perfect woman, mom, wife, whatever and it sickens me. i'm glad that along with sharing the good positive stuff you also admit to being human (like your IBS admission :) ) and i am very thankful for keeps regular people like me feeling like we aren't that weird. have a great day!