May 21, 2008

The dull adventure of Cottage Girl with camera phone

Tuesday night, my little cellphone/crap-tastick camera begged me to use it. After reading this post by one of my favorite photographers, I thought I'd give this little challenge a try. I wasn't on my way to work (I work where I live, duh!), but it's the same general idea. I didn't have my pretty, fancy D50, but I used what I had. So here we go. Crappy, blurry pictures and all. Ole!

I flopped down in my car after spending a ridiculous amount of $ on a few essential items at the grocery store. Albeit was the most expensive one, but I was in the shopping center already wasting time in the black hole. (btw, it lived up to it's name again. 1:45 minutes later I finally left) I've always loved this shopping center because of it's theme. See the lighthouse at the movie theater? Ignore the cars.

Here's my overpriced gallon of milk. And my new Sigg bottle that I got for my birthday. (p.s. I love Siggs. I DO, I DO!)

Here's my purse and my shifter. And a crumbled up napkin from ????. And my 5 pairs of sunglasses. This was when I decided to keep taking pictures whenever I wanted to.

I took this cause a giiinormous SUV pulled up next to me and blocked my intended next shot. Instead I took one of my favorite store that I can't afford to buy anything in except for this. Oh, and the pretty clouds.

Another better shot of the lighthouse/movie theater. This theater plays lots of cool indie films.

A stop sign. Just because it looked like it wanted to have it's picture taken. Hello!

Ahhh, the black hole. How I love you beyond words. You make the hours pass too quickly. You lure me with your 1,000's of delightful paper bound treats. I love getting lost in your nooks and chairs. Never leave me, OK? I can't bear the thought of a Staples taking your place.

Out of the parking lot. Yes! A green turn light. That's like a golden ticket. Again with the clouds...

Yipes! Why would I take one of me? Stop this. Stop this now!

I have a Jetta. I don't recommend them. Well, at least not the 1998 versions with 140,000 miles on them. It's on its last leg.

Seriously! What did I tell you, young lady?! Oh, but I do have my favorite sweatshirt on. It says HERSHEY'S on it. I got it direct from the sweetest place on earth. My sis has the matching on in grey.

Wherever you go around here you have to cross a bridge. If a massive flood ever happens and we lose our bridges...well, let's just say tragedy. The sunset over this one is magnificent (with a good camera).

The other side. Wow, I didn't know this thing had a fish eye lens! Sweet!

Why the steering wheel again? I can't explain this.

My car only shifts when I let off the gas. It's an automatic. That is not good. It WILL die soon. I love these shoes.

Another turn light. On the right is a tiny airport with tiny planes that take off all the time.

Rita's Italian Ice. Yumm-diddily-dum. I was here just a couple days ago. Half birthday cake with half fudge brownie is my favorite. Kid's size, please.

Oooo, if I turn here I can get a Frosty. Let's do it! I need some chocolate. Oh, and this guy's car had a sticker on the back in memory of his dog. It looked like a mini tombstone engraving. Yes, I'm serious.

"Click It Or Ticket." Yes, sir.

"Would you like a combo?"

"Eww, gross. NO! Can I have a small frosty please?"


Oh, yeah. Here's the good stuff. Worth every penny.

Question? How did I take this photo, eat the Frosty and drive at the same time?

It's getting darker and the camera isn't happy. Frosty? Is the you? Frosty?

On the home stretch. It takes exactly 10 minutes to get to civilization from camp. 10 minutes to everything.

That arrow points to the water. I turn here to go home. Right between the house with the vicious dogs and the house that is constantly up for sale.

Every time I drive by this bus stop shelter I say to myself "I have to do a photo shoot here." The color is so cool. And the trees behind it....

No it's not a raptor crossing sign. It's actually for deer crossing. And it ain't lyin'. I've seen herds of 15 deer crossing this road at once. Plus turtles and ducks and squirrels and rabbits.
"Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry
When I take you out in the surrey
When I take you out in the surrey
with the fringe on top.."

Blurrier as we go. This corner and the proceeding road make me want to die when I run. I'm so close to being done, but so far away.

Come on Cottage Girl! You can do it! Don't give up! Only a few more steps!
These are the things I say to myself. That and...
If you stop you are going to feel like you are going to throw up. And you just might in front of the neighbors, so don't stop now. Save yourself from the embarrassment.

Oh, look, the bro is home. Wonder what he's up to tonight? Probably playing with his new kick peddle for his drums.

And we're home. Isn't it pretty? This sight never gets old. Never.

This sight however makes me want to curse. This blasted gate. I hate it with the power of 1,000 suns. There at least used to be a pretty house to look at but the stupid neighborhood kids burned it down.
Did I mention I HATE this gate?

And finally, we're here. The water, the sunset, the Cottage. Home sweet home.

I never get tired of this view either. It still thank God constantly that I get to come home to this view every day.

The end.


Katie's Story said...

Luke and I will get to drive those roads in a few short days! Wahoo! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the little drive down memory lane. I miss that place. Oh, how sweet it is. Suburbia does not even come close to comparing. Loved the pictures!!!! And at first I was going to say that was a starbucks napkin, but then remembered you don't go there very often, if at all....hmmm.