May 19, 2008

I'm sorry

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you opened up Cottage Girl this morning and got nothing new.

I'm sorry I didn't write you a wonderful post full of fun with a lesson or two.

I'm sorry I didn't have a picture to use as a peace offering today.

I'm sorry I'm such a low-down, lazy blogger.

My excuse?
Well, I could give you a couple good ones, but I won't. The main excuse is that I chose to go see a movie last night after a LONG, hard weekend of work.
I chose the movie because my brain had stopped working.
I chose the movie because you wouldn't have wanted to hear anything I had to say yesterday.
I chose the movie cause it was Prince Caspian.
I chose the movie because I didn't have to think or make a meal or pull my shoulder out of socket while catching kids on the Giant Swing or praying I don't get ticks/chiggers (aka: the insects from Hades) as I lead Low Elements or haul firewood from one flooded bonfire to another less flooded bonfire.

I chose the movie, OK?
Hate me if you wish, but that's my story.

I felt much better after sitting in a dark theater watching an imaginary world created by a man in England many years ago come to life.
It was worth ever bit of my (frakin') $9.75.
The costumes were unbelievable (enhance by our digital theater). The music was lovely. The kids were perfect. I really loved it.

And now, I feel ready for another week, busy though it may be.

p.s. I AM sorry.

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Anonymous said...

We forgive you April! Everyone needs a good day off.