May 05, 2008

I like random

Just what you wanted to see when you opened Cottage Girl today, isn't it?! Me stuffing my face with greasy food. Usually fast food is an absolute NO, NO for me, but I was in San Fransisco and always wanted to try In-N-Out. Here's the proof. I didn't get the fries though. That would have been a disaster.

So in honor of all things random I'm giving you 5 things about me that you may have never known. MAY have. Some of you know me pretty darn well, so this will be tough, but here goes...

  1. I am slightly OCD. I do everything in a routine. For example: I always shampoo my hair first and then put in cream rinse and then let it sit in my hair while I wash my face. Why? I have no idea. But if I do it differently, something feels off. It's like a silly mental checklist.
  2. I have a heart condition. My heart is defective. The first time I realized it I was in high school and I thought I was dying. It's totally manageable, but I have to stay away from stress (yeah, right!), coffee and cold medicine. All these things will trigger an attack that feels like my heart is a bongo drum.
  3. My favorite color has always been blue. Navy blue, usually, but sometimes is aqua or any number of shades of the twilight sky.
  4. My favorite music is wordless. Instrumental soundtracks especially.
  5. I was almost arrested in college for trespassing. Now that's a story....

Continuing on the random topic....
I'm sure there are things that you love reading about.
And there are things you wish I would stop yammering on about.
Well, here is your chance.
Tell me.
Ask a question.
Give me a suggestion.
I need some help on the blog front.
Give me some ideas for posts.
Give me a photo assignment to share here.
Tell me what you want to hear more of and less of.
It's all up to you.

I've never done this before cause I don't get too many comments. I don't know that many people even read along with me, so I don't know how this will turn out. So, if I get nothing back from you, I won't apologize for my 35 posts on Battlestar and FNL. I won't feel bad for posting Friday Finds cause I like them. I won't think twice about posting more pictures of me eating random foods. Anything that I'm addicted to at the moment will be beaten to death over and over right here for you "enjoy."

Let's hear it. I'm waiting....


Katie's Story said...

Photo Assignment:
All things Blue. You say that's your favorite color so show us the love!

Oh, and I was very excited to know that I knew all of your random things! I especially liked that you called it cream rinse. Does anyone else use that term or is it just our family? Have you ever seem that written on a bottle? Have you ever thought about it? Strange family terms!

Audrey said...

Just for the record my grandma called it "cream rinse" :) LOL!

You say you are OCD and do things in order always so show us yourself thoughout the day doing the things you do. I know that might be a hard one to do but you are smart. :) BTW, why do you never eat fast food?

Gina said...

I love the blog just the way it is. Keep it up. And be sure to add funny camper stories and quotes throughout the summer.

Tiffany said...

I love In and Out Burger and i love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could add more picutres of your roommates. I mean they are really pretty! I am also glad to know that I knew all of the things about you!
I love friday finds, stories about our life at camp (you should write about Beth's party), TV stories, and any photos you post I LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I feel like cream rinse was a term we used in NY. It's an old school term too.

I love when you write camp stories....hmmm, wonder why???? Write some great ones this summer about kids at camp. Maybe highlight the same Day Camp kid throughout the summer and we can see how he/she grew/etc. maybe corney, i don't know.