May 08, 2008

package from Elsie

Last week, I was in an Etsy mood, so I went window shopping. Elsie had just released a bunch of new paintings and a brand new set of embroidery patterns. I totally caved and bought 3 of the patterns.

They came in the mail yesterday. The packaging alone made me instantly happy. These are the three I chose, but she has tons of different ones to choose from. (plus her adorable prints! I'm in love with the space girl series!)

Of course I chose this one.

And this one has a couple designs of old fashioned TV sets. Again, duh!

This one was my favorite. I've loved the story of Peter Pan since I was a kid.

Plus she added her adorable business card.

I was one happy shopper. Can't wait to try out the patterns. I have to teach myself all the stitches as I go cause I've never done it before. I love learning new crafts!

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