May 11, 2008

I've got answers

Here's a couple replies to your comments....

I especially liked that you called it cream rinse.

Yes, I call conditioner "cream rinse" sometimes. My mom always called it that when I was growing up. And I believe that's what all conditioner used to be called. At least it was written on the bottles we had. My bro, sis and parents still call it that sometimes too.

BTW, why do you never eat fast food?

Three words: IBS aka my own personal weight loss regiment that I have no control over. Had it since high school (maybe before, but this is when I first realized the symptoms). It IS as miserable as it sounds.

You say you are OCD and do things in order always so show us yourself thoughout the day doing the things you do.
My alarm clock is always set at least 10 minutes ahead. I always hit the snooze at least 2 times.
I immediately wash my face after waking up and then turn on the Today show and then make my bed. EVERY morning. My bed MUST be made immediately. I walk to work avoiding the same pot holes every day. My room must be completely straighted when I go to sleep. If I leave something messy, I will get up out of bed and fix it cause it will drive me crazy knowing that it's there. I'm sure there are more.

Post more camp stories!
I shall do my best. We start in 3 short weeks (staff training) and about 5 more weeks (kids arrive). The stories will abound, I'm sure.

Photo Assignment: All things blue.
Love this idea. Will definitely try this one out. Remind me if I forget.

What is your favorite soundtrack, since you said you like them?
At the moment, Battlestar Galactica season 3 by Bear McCreary. I also love Legends of the Fall, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Stepmom, Forrest Gump and Lord of the Rings.

Thanks for playing along. I'm happy to answer just about anything you ask, so keep them coming.

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