May 07, 2008

because her phone call reminded me....

...I hadn't looked at these pictures in a long time. And just look at the scenery! If you ever get a chance to go to Alaska, don't hesitate or second guess. DO IT IMMEDIATELY! It is beyond your wildest, adventurous dreams, my friends. And this girl can give you the low down on the coolest places to see.

Just look at the mountains behind us! These are no East Coast mountains/hills. These are the real deal.

Not to mention the glaciers that sweep down through the mountains. Good gracious! And just look at these two handsome little tykes.

And you can even get up close to the glaciers. By boat. I must say though the entire time I was thinking "Titanic, Titanic, where are the life boats?" But we returned safe and sound to the shore.

Again with the glaciers. They are just unbelievable to see up-close. This one is hike-able. We went right up to the icy blue beauty and staked our claim upon it.

Sigh...I see why you miss it so, S. I only saw it for a week, and I miss it!

OK, so last night my super cool friend S called me. We are email talkers, not usually phone talkers. So this was one long phone call. But I don't think 1hr and 45 minutes has ever gone by so fast in my life. It was perfect timing, too, cause I was missing my LU girls BIG TIME. Like cry myself to sleep (shhh, don't tell), "I can't believe it's over," "I want to relieve it all over again" missing it.

I feel much better saved me from the 3 hours I had planned to study in detail Dr. Brown's De Lorean time travel. I was contemplating it. Well, that or finding the guy in our neighborhood that owns a De Lorean, take it up to 55 and see what would happen. "Please go back to 1996, Please go back...."

No, I don't think movies are real. Don't be so mean! Sheesh.

But they could be, right?

***edited: Forgive my lack of time travel knowledge. The bro kindly informed me that the De Lorean must read 88 mph before the flux capasitor will kick in. I stand corrected....again.


Gina said...

It is 12:21am and I am checking your blog. Who is more faithful than me?

Anonymous said...

55 wouldn't do much. You need to go 88 mph before the flux capacitor kicks in.

stephanie said...

just now seeing this. i enjoyed our chat too! these pictures are TORTURE!!!!!!!!! i want to be there right now...well...actually in about one month!!!!!!!! :) too much snow up there right now to actually enjoy it :)