May 03, 2008

Edmund, gardening and thank you's

My day was busy, busy. I only sat down to relax this afternoon because while I was eating lunch I sat in front of the TV to flip channels and Mansfield Park happened to be on and I couldn't say no to Edmund. Ahhh....that movie even makes the name Fanny seem perfectly lovely.....and Edmund is so very handsome....huh?!

Anyway, it's now almost 11pm and I just had to post something cause, well, I just did. So amidst all the yard sale-ing (not successful) and gardening (my flower bed is now weeded and 75% mulched with several flowers bought and waiting to be planted) and camp fire-ing (for a friend's birthday on a perfect spring evening with a random men's choir singing intermittently somewhere which we never could to find), I am writing a little something down for you. I'm finally clean with no dirt under my fingernails and no ticks or mosquito bites. A little post after a check off of my list of things to do this month (or almost).

I didn't have much brain power for a long post like the continuation of my Jamaica adventure (which I haven't forgotten about, promise), so I'm posting a few pictures. Please, scroll down for a gander....

These are some thank you notes I made for my birthday well wishes and gifts from friends. I love making my own cards and try to do it when time allows. I love using a bunch of old Reader's Digest books that I have on my shelf as backgrounds. The stars were foam stickers given to me by my roommates for my birthday. The colored paper is mostly Basic Grey (gulp...I adore their designs), which I used the packing tape method on. How to? Let me share: You take a piece of paper and stick it on packing tape, pretty side to the sticky side. Then you emerse the tape in a dish of water and rub off the paper. The design layer will stay on the tape and the tape will stay sticky. Then you just pull it out of the water and stick it where ever. You can also do it with photos printed on regular paper. Easy peasy and so fun too. Try it on your next crafty project.

That's all I got. Honestly, I'm still thinking about Mansfield Park and Edmund's shirt with the white kerchief tied around his neck and that fantastic to-die-for coat that Fanny wears at her parents and Mansfield Park always leads me back to P&P. Time to pop in the DVD again....

I wish you all a lovely night full of pleasant dreams.

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