May 09, 2008

Smell them, Marillla. Drink them in.

Oh, how I wish that Blogger could install some type of device that would let you smell these unbelievable flowers. You would be standing outside my front door, along side of me of course, sniffing away like a hound dog. Ahhhh....

Now, I do admit that they aren't the most beautiful blossoms in the world of flowers, but their scent will rival the best of them. Our honey locust trees are in full bloom here at camp. This particular one is right outside my kitchen window. You can always tell the moment the buds open cause the entire property smells like heaven.

These trees are full of thorns and small leaves. They get beaten to a pulp in the winter and during our many, oh so many, crazy thunderstorms in the summer. But they stand up pretty well. And when this time of the year rolls around, I would trade them for anything.

***title of this post taken from the best piece of literature ever written. Remember this? (begin at 7:15 to see what I mean.)

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