May 20, 2008

music that gives me chills

Remember about a month ago when I told you about the dream present I had for my birthday? Well, I found a clip of Bear McCreary performing/conducting my favorite song off of BSG season 2 at the concert. The quality isn't great, but you can get the idea. The song is chillingly beautiful.

You can hear the CD version here. If you play it 2 or 3 times in a row, I won't judge. I've been doing that at least once a week since I first heard it almost 2 years ago. Repeat is my best friend.
There is something about those 2 violins that give me goosebumps EVERY time. I can't explain in words...well, I don't even know how to say what I feel when I hear it. It says things words don't. I'm sure you all have music like that, too.

***here's another song from the concert as well, and the CD version.

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