May 09, 2008

Friday finds

Check out these amazing pieces of art that were created by a blogger I enjoy. Love the elephant one. She also met up with another favorite blogger on her tour around the US.

Zach finally had a new blog post. Plus, it was the last episode of Scrubs last night. (on NBC at least) I must say, it was pretty funny and creative. No one can do over the top, crazy like them.

Elsie was full of inspiration this week. The ideas are swirling after looking at her blog this week.

Pioneer Woman was celebrating her 2 year blog-aversary complete with give aways. What did I do without her?

I like TV and all, but this is a little over the top. And I even loved Veronica Mars! But then again on my cruise down the west coast, we made a few dozen stops and TV/movie locations....

Tara, Tara, again Tara
. I can't love her shots more. Imagine having you MOM take such amazing shots of you!

Loved this outfit on The Sartorialist this week. So perfect. So inspiring.

Do you have your sunscreen for the summer. It's a MUST have here at camp. I was happy to see the stuff I use on this list. This one is my favorite for my face and I've tried tons of different kinds.

I LOVE this hat from Anthropologie. So Audrey Hepburn.

New Coldplay. I had no idea that people really hated this band. Seriously?! They are one of my top favorites. I can listen to their entire CD (all 3 that I have) from beginning to end without skipping a song. I think that puts them in the *amazing* category for me.

The situation in Myanmar is just heartbreaking. I feel so sad for those people left with no food or water and their government won't accept help. Just devastating.

the image is found has all my photography love when I look that these photos. Gulp...the light, oh, dear goodness the light. I want to find that light.

Au revoir. Have a lovely weekend.

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