August 22, 2008


Does anyone else feel creeped out by the male track runners at the Olympics that wear NECKLACES when they race?!! Sorry, but it totally grosses me out. Especially the gold and silver ones.

And the guy that runs with it in his mouth?!!

What the heck?

I'm just sayin'.


Gina said...

I'm from NY, so not so much. If you know what I mean. FUH GEDDA BOUDIT.

cottage girl said...

Even if Mike was wearing one with a white tank top? Really?!!

Gina said...

Not Mike. He is not Italian. It would look weird. Not that I think its hot....anymore. But it just doesn't phase me. Now, the guy who puts it in his mouth, maybe (grosses me out). Ya know because my OCD and all.

RaCeQu said...

I think necklaces are disgusting. Especially if you are running. Go for the gold... don't wear it. And in his mouth... the thought of it makes me want to vomit. That's like putting pennies in your mouth. G-ross.