August 14, 2008

New feature

For the next month or so....or as long as I want to....I'm going to do something fun. Well, I think it's fun, but I guess you have to decide for yourself if YOU think it's fun. I mean, it is my blog, so if I'm having fun, than that's bonus points, right?

On the right you will see a new widget from Hulu. In that little box, every couple of days, I will change the show/movie (more likely show because you all know how I love some TV) to give you a little suggestion of something to watch if you have a couple minutes to waste.

Now, I must tell you that I LOVE Hulu. I think it is a wonderful invention and I use it all the time to find "that episode when the coach yells at Tim Riggins about Julie" or "that clip when Liz Lemon goes to Cleavland" or "that episode of Firefly called Out of Gas" or "that clip when GOB does his funeral magic trick with Buster in a soldier uniform" or "when Chuck talks about posting on his blog to Sarah" "those last few minutes of the mid-season finale of Battlestar this year." I could go on and on, but I won't cause you'll stop reading and never come back again.

But Hulu is a grand and wonderful place on the web, and best of all it's FREE. And we all love free stuff, don't we?! So if you are bored and need something to fill your 1 hour of free time (p.s. it's glorious to have free time again!), click on over to Hulu. It will make you smile. Which, in turn, will make me smile if you decide to tell me you watched something fun because that means that you are actually reading my little blog and that ALWAYS makes me smile!
I do believe that was some type of run-on sentance. My high school grammer is almost completely gone...oh, the horror!

Enough rambling....go enjoy some Hulu!

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Audrey said...

I LOVE chuck and can't wait for it to start back!!!!