August 26, 2008

inspiration station

Feverishly clicking around The Image is Found
(for inspiration for the upcoming shoot)


Beck (on Myspace Music)


Mega inspiration and can't-wait-to-shoot awesomeness

This all came about cause I was once again drooling over their shootshop. Notice that music in the background? Yeah, it totally makes the whole experience.

I think I need to have my Zune blasting Beck in my ear while I'm shooting. My biggest problem is usually my fear that I will get in the way or be too conspicuous. But it's time to face my fears and stomp on out there in front of everyone and throw caution to the wind. Having music playing would SO help that. I'll just have to have a rolling slideshow of the crazy-out-of-this-worldness that is The Image is Found in my head the whole day instead.

ps....why haven't I realized how amazing Beck is before this?


Gina said...

that is my biggest fear too, when i coordinate. i wish i had you as my wedding photog. getterdun.

tp said...

i second gina. well, the part about having you as my wedding photog. i am glad you are getting excited :)