August 04, 2008

little things

1. This picture is too cool. I LOVE the illustration and the colors are perfect. The birds in the background? Just lovely.
It's from this comic book, which I know nothing about. I found it on Pop Candy, my fave entertainment blog.

2. I want to see Surfwise. Doesn't it look like fun?! I'm a sucker for surf doc's.

3. Breaking Dawn was making me stay up way too late last night. I just can't tell myself "only one chapter before lights out." It never works. It ends up being 3 or 4 chapters instead.

3. Today begins our last week of camp. As of Friday, the kids will leave and it will get really, really quiet around here. No more kids laughing and screaming. No more splashes in the pool. No more group games in the field. No more boats on the river. Boo-hoo.

4. Good Humor Banana Fudge popsicle. It's so, so yummy. I reminds me of the frozen bananas the Bluth's sold.

5. No more snack shop after this week. This is NOT a good thing.

6. I need some new music.

7. Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog is now on Hulu for FREE!! I love Hulu..... And I love Joss even more.

8. Homemade ice tea sweetened with honey is some of the best stuff on earth.

9. I had a fabulous day with friends yesterday. New friends, old friends. Brother too. Lots of food involved. And, of course, lots of laughter. And it was decided that if I were a Disney character, I would be Wendy from Peter Pan. I am totally okay with this.

10. I think I may be able to hug my nephew next week. It doesn't get any better than that.


Rob said...

If you want new music, check out the following two bands: Wild Sweet Orange, and Fleet Foxes. I have been enjoying both. Have a great day!

- Rob P.

Tiffany said...

hey...i bought the first book "Twilight" since you told me back in june that i should. i haven't had time to start it yet, but as soon as school starts and i get back into the swing of things, I am!

RaCeQu said...

william fitzsimmons.

i like him. alot.

cottage girl said...

I like him too, Rachel! I have Goodnight and it's one of my favorites.

Thanks, Rob, for the suggestions. I'll try them!