August 21, 2008

i would be a writer

What do you want to be when you grow up? Let's play that game.

It doesn't have to be logical or practical. It just has to be 100% you.

Here's my answer:

I read this post (scroll down to read her answer to a question) from one of my favorite TV critics the other day. It got me thinking about writing.

I have wanted to write/be an author since I was a little kid. So much so that I had a folder of stories filled to the brim with ideas that popped into my mind. Most of them were episodes that I had written for my favorite TV shows. Yes, my TV obsession was in full force even back then.
I wanted to write a novel, see my name on the cover of a book, have the whole world that I created living inside of my head.

I devoured books as a kid. I would always be in the middle of 5 or 6. When I went on long trips, I always had to have a stack of books in my little suitcase. I would marvel over descriptive words and beautifully created characters. Still that way.

Authors fascinate me. They create entire worlds with their imagination and then are able to explain them to someone else. Their characters live and breathe and are as real to them as any other person in the world.

I love going to places that inspire them. Prince Edward Island was L.M. Montgomery's canvas. Her worlds lived and breathed there. I was able to go to the spots where she wrote most of the Anne of Green Gables series. I could see each little descriptive paragraph come to life in front of me. I stood before the "Lake of Shining Waters," felt the eeriness of the "Haunted Woods," walked around "Green Gables," enjoyed the beauty of the "Snow Queen" (which was over 100 years old!). The magic is real and palpable there.

My dream is still intact. I still long to write. This little blog is one way that I curb that appetite. It isn't anything special. I don't write great stories like PW. But it's still mine. It's still writing. It's still getting my ideas out there.

Maybe one day I'll get "that idea" that will eventually be put in book form and have my name on the cover. Maybe. But if not, I still have journal upon journal and post upon post full of my musings and ideas. That's something. It's something I'm immensely proud of at times. Something that is completely me. My own little way to be creative and expressive (since i can't draw to save my

So I would be a writer. A wonderful author who had a beautiful way with words.

And maybe a illustrator too....but that's for another post.

Now it's you turn....

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RaCeQu said...

I would be an event planner. I think. Or maybe run a camp. Or an event planner at a camp.

I need to think about this more. I'm not good with life decisions=)