August 12, 2008

blog poll

Prompted by a lovely email from an old blog friend today, I got to thinking.

About blogs.

It seems like most people who read blogs, read more than one. They have a list that they check everyone once in a while.

I have a long one. Lots of people that I have found in one way or another.

But my question is....

Do you interact with those people at all? I'm talking about someone that you have never met. Someone who may not even live near you. Someone that you only know through their blog.

Do you leave a comment to say hi or give you opinion? Do you send emails? Have you made an new friend through a blog be it yours or theirs?

I have. I leave comments. I send emails (if the address is provided). I have met someone whom I only knew through a blog (and it was A-mazing!).

I set up a poll on the right side bar for you to answer. If you have a story though, I'd love to hear more about it. Leave a comment and tell away.

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