August 28, 2008

welcome back, old friend

At one time, the WB and I were super tight. Like peanut butter and flowers and bumble chocolate icing and yellow Pam and get the idea.

We went on dates, planned our days together and introduced each other to cool people.
We told secrets and laughed at all the same jokes.

Then it suddenly became a bitter and selfish and left me for someone with more money. That's right....more money. Stings doesn't it?!

I was cut to the quick (what does that mean anyway?)
and my tears took many-a-long-day to dry.
I couldn't believe how easily I was abandoned.
I couldn't believe how little our relationship had meant to it.

Along with itself, it took many of my good friends.
Veronica, Spike, Fred, Logan (mmm!), Ephram and Lorelai.
They all abandoned me.

Well today, I was shocked, shocked I tell you when it knocked on the door of my little cottage and asked forgiveness for all its sins. It begged for mercy and pleaded for a second chance. And knowing that I am supposed to do the right thing and forgive, I pulled it up off the ground and gave it a huge hug of forgivenss right then and there. We instantly became friends again. It told me that all of our old friend were back and dying to see me again. How could I deny that?

And then it invited me to bring some of YOU to meet our old friends. And once again, I was shocked at its suddenly generosity. But I didn't argue. Oh no. I quickly squeaked out a "yes" and offered to let all of you know how to meet these dear friends of mine.

So here is my invitation. I would like to introdue you to some of my dear friends. We spent many an hour together. Only some of our adventures are here, but more will come soon enough. Come, come and see! It's a big party and you're all invited!

They are all waiting right here ------->

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